Traditional Latin Mass

Sacred Music and Liturgy

“In obedience, therefore, to her Founder’s behest, the Church prolongs the priestly mission of Jesus Christ mainly by means of the sacred liturgy. She does this in the first place at the altar, where constantly the Sacrifice of the Cross is represented and with a single difference in the manner of its offering, renewed. She does it next by means of the Sacraments, those special channels through which men are made partakers in the supernatural life. She does it, finally, by offering to God, all Good and Great, the daily tribute of her prayer of praise.” – Mediator Dei 3, Pope Pius XII

“In the earthly liturgy we take part in a foretaste of that heavenly liturgy which is celebrated in the holy city of Jerusalem toward which we journey as pilgrims, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God, a minister of the holies and of the true tabernacle; we sing a hymn to the Lord’s glory with all the warriors of the heavenly army; venerating the memory of the saints, we hope for some part and fellowship with them; we eagerly await the Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ, until He, our life, shall appear and we too will appear with Him in glory.” – The Second Vatican Council, Sacrosanctum concilium 8

Sacred Music at St. John’s

The parish choirs at St. John University Parish are comprised of both students and parishioners. We strive to build a musical knowledge rooted in Catholic musical tradition and train our voices to glorify God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Under the patronal care of the musical saints, we strive to achieve the same level of care and love for the Catholic music traditions that they exhibited in their lives. Anyone of any musical level is welcome!

Masterworks Chorale ~ Tuesdays 7:05p 8:30p
Our largest choir which specializes in large works by the master composers:

Mozart, Handel, Bach, Thomas Tallis, and others.

Schola Cantorum ~ Tuesdays 8:00p 9:00p
A’cappella singers focused on Gregorian chant and polyphonic music of the

medieval and renaissance periods.

Holy Innocents Youth Chorus ~ Tuesdays 6:15p 7:00pm
A choir for young, schoolaged singers, focused on sacred chants, chorales and

Chamber Orchestra ~ Tuesdays 7:30p 8:30p (time may shift various weeks)
Open to brass, woodwind and bowed string instruments.

If you are interested in being a cantor or joining one of the choirs at St. John University Parish, please click the button above and we will get back to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you!

Get involved…

If you are willing to serve the parish in a particular way, we are always looking for:

    1. Lectors
    2. Porters
    3. Sacristans

To join any of our liturgical or charitable ministries, please click the Ministry Schedule Button. From there, you can sign up for your desired ministry.

For current ministers, the schedule can also be found by clicking the button.

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